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The Eensy Weensy Spider

Amazing Arachnid!
Hi Everyone,
I am one of the worlds best loved spiders!
Show me to the water spout and I will demonstrate my climbing abilities.

5 Green and Speckled Frogs

We Count!
Hi friends,
we are....
Five Green and speckled frogs
Sitting on a speckled log
Eating some most delicious bugs

Hey dont forget about Big Bug...yea me right in front...those frogs dont scare me!


Toadally Fantabulous!
Hi, I am Toadillia, would you like to join me on a little jaunt to the garden? If you do, you will have to learn how to do The Very Toadly Hop n Stop.....which goes like this:Hop Hop STOP!....Hop Hop STOP!

See you in the Garden!


Mutts rule!
I'm Shmata and I'm just happy being me. I'm a mutt with a great big heart. Latka will always be my best friend....I'm loyal as can be!


I'm just too good to be true!
Woof and hello! My name is Latka and ever since I found my pedigree on the Internet, I have turned into a complete snob! The Annies found Shmata and I at the dog pound years ago but I always knew that I was above all of that mutt stuff. I am a 100% purebred Pittsburgian Porcupine Pinscher. Arn't I just the fanciest dog you have ever seen?

Ooh Aah Ipshnay Bugga Wugga CHOO

I'm one colorful character!
Indescribable,that's the best word to describe me.
My idea of fun is seeing the whole audience shimmering like a beautiful rainbow in the summer sky,though I must admit this often makes me sneeze(hence the CHOO part of my name). Lucky for me, The Annies always have a hanky on hand!

Louie The Louse

What a lousy picture!
I'm Louie The Louse don't call me Jim or Fred.
Everybody tells me I'm just trying to get ahead.
A head, a head. it could be hers or his.
I know that it's revolting, and yucky, and icky, but hey folks that showbiz!!
Yes, it's true,I'm a Headlouse, and I do have fun lousing up just about everything. Sometimes I even bring along my kids...The Nit Wits...who are always itching to be in the show!

Lady Jane

I almost forgot my pocketbook!
My name is Lady Jane. Can you guess what kind of bug I am? I'm a Ladybug of course with an emphasis on LADY. I am a teacher by trade. You are likely to see me when The Annies sing The Insectabet and sometimes when I am feeling very daring I take a ride with Louie the Louse in his Entemalogical Jalopy (more commonly known as The Bugmobile).

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